Testing Center Faculty Exam Instructions

Faculty will use this form to submit instructions for each exam the Testing Center staff administers. Please review the Testing Center hours of operation (embedded below) prior to submitting the form.

Instructions must be submitted at least one business day prior to the exam for makeup tests and accommodations tests. For regularly scheduled tests for an online or hybrid course, exam instructions should be submitted at least one week (5 business days) prior to the start of the exam.

The Testing Center will make one copy of paper tests (for one student for makeup/accommodations testing). Any paper exams requiring more than one copy, the copies should be pre-printed and provided to the Testing Center by the faculty member or the appropriate Division administrative assistant.

If you wish to submit directions for all of your hybrid/online class semester exams using one form instance, please feel free to attach a document to the form with your list of exams/passwords/dates on one file.

By scheduling a test you are accepting all terms, conditions and policies of the Great Falls College MSU Testing Center and verifying you have read and understand the procedures.

The Testing Center provides a variety of examination proctoring for Great Falls College MSU courses and provides proctoring for professional testing and distance learning for other colleges and universities:

  • Fully online or hybrid/mixed-mode course exams (includes courses taught using D2L and MyMathLab).
  • Make-up exams for all courses, regardless of delivery.
  • Exams for students that require disability accommodations (students must see the Disability Services Coordinator first).
  • Accuplacer placement testing.
  • Computer Based Testing
  • Non – Campus Testing
    • Effective October 1, 2018, Great Falls College MSU will begin assessing a $15.00 fee for students taking Non-Campus (Non-Professional) tests in the Testing Center.  These tests include any college exam not offered by Great Falls College MSU. 
    • The fee is payable by Credit/Debit at the Testing Center at the time of testing.

Contact Information

Location: R274
ph: 406.268.3711
fx: 406.771.5125

Testing Center Staff

Mack McMurray
Exam Proctor

Grecia Torres
Exam Proctor

Charla Merja
Director of Academic Success