Placement Assessments

Revised June 2020

What are placement assessments?

Placement assessments (tests) are a standardized meansurement of skills. Great Falls College MSU accepts placement by ACT scores, SAT scores, or the Accuplacer NG (Next Gen)*.

*GFC MSU uses the Accuplacer NG (Next Gen) assessment. Classic Accuplacer scores are still accepted for three years from the student's test date.

Why does Great Falls College MSU require placement scores?

  • Great Falls College MSU uses placement assessments (tests) in writing and math to check the academic skill levels of entering students. Then the college can place each student in classes at the rightlevel.
  • Placement scores and/or official college transcripts are a college admissions requirement. If you are a new student without college credits in Math and Writing, you are required to take the Accuplacer assessments.
  • Additionally, some classes (such as Accounting, Biology, and Chemistry) require certain math or writing scores. Please consult the Academic Catalog for more information.

Steps to take:

1. Prepare for your assessment

You will be most successful on your assessment if you prepare before your test date.

2. Schedule your assessment

*At a distance? Contact the Testing Center for remote testing options.

3. Pay for your assessment

      • In person
        • Student Accounts (in Student Central) accepts cash, check, or credit/debit.
          *Keep your payment receipt; you'll need to present it at the Testing Center when you take your assessment.
        • Testing Center accepts credit/debit and you can pay on the day of your assessment.
      • By phone-call (406) 771-4315 or (800) 446-2698

4. Report to the Testing Center located in room R274 (at your scheduled date and time). You will need to bring:

      • A photo ID matching the name used to schedule the assessment.
      • Personal items (cell phonem purse, etc.) are not permitted in the testing area; you may secure in the free lockers provided.
        *If you paid in Student Accounts, you will need to bring your receipt for proof of payment

5. If you require accommodations for your assessment:

      • At least one week prior to your assessment, contact Kathy Meier, Director of Disability & Learning Support Services by phone (406) 771-4311 or e-mail


What score do you need for writing and math?

Please use the tables below to see what score is required (as of most recent update July 2019).

Writing & Reading Placement

  ACT English ACT ELA SAT Reading & Writing SAT Writing & Language Accuplacer NG Writeplacer (Classic)
WRIT 094: Writing Skills Workshop (No Credit/No Charge) 0-15   0-370 0-21 0-240 1-3
WRIT 101P: College Writing Plus*
*students placed into WRIT 101P must also take RD 101: College Reading Strategies
16-17 0-17 371-439 22-24 241-254 4
WRIT 101: College Writing
WRIT 122: Intro to Business Writing
18+ 18+ 440+ 25+ 255+ 5+


Math Placement

  ACT Math SAT Math Accuplacer NG Arithmetic Accuplacer NG QRAS (Quanitative Reasoning) Accuplacer NG AAF (Advanced Algebra & Functions) Classic Accuplacer Arithmetic Classic Accuplacer Elementary Algebra Classic Accuplacer College Math
M094: Math Skills Workshop 0-9 0-299 200-236     0-29    
M065: Pre-Algebra
M191B: Math for Welders
10-20 300-489 237-262     30-70    
M090: Introductory Algebra
M105-6XP: Contemporary Math
21 490-509 263+ 226-253   71+ 47-64  
M095: Intermediate Algebra
M105: Contemporary Math
M120: Math with Health Care Applications
22 510-529   254-274     65-97  
M121: College Algebra
M135: Math for K-8 Teachers I
M140: College Math for Health Care
STAT216: Intro to Statistics
23-24 530-569   275+ 234-248   98+ 57-80
M151: Pre-Calculus 25-26 570-609     249-283     81-103
M171: Calculus 27+ 610+     284+     104+