Eligibility for test accommodations is determined by the Disability Services Director and based on the disability-related limitations experienced by the individual students. Appropriate accommodations will be indicated on the accommodation request form which will detail the accommodation and describe the circumstances under which the accommodation should be provided. Any accommodation is beyond those marked on the form should be discussed with the DS Director.

Exam Accommodations

Exam accommodation can include (but are not limited to):

  • Extended time
    • Time and one half (50% extra time)
    • Double time (100% extra time)
  • Less-distractive environment
  • Assistive technology
  • Screen-enlargement software
  • Voice-recognition software
  • Screen-reading software
  • Text-to-speech software
  • Electronic formats
  • Word processing
  • Reader and/or scribe
  • Enlarged print
  • Exam Accommodations through the Testing Center
  • Exam Accommodations through Disability Services
  • Accommodations for COMPASS Placement Tests
  • Accommodations for Licensing and Certification Exams

Exam Accommodations through the Testing Center 

Students requesting accommodations for extended testing time and/or a distraction free environment or using Kurzweil will take exams/quizzes in the Testing Center (R274). Students may make their request either in person or online at: Student Test Request

Students must fill out the form at least 48 hours in advance, select at least two possible exam administration times, as the first choice may not be available. Students utilizing the Testing Center as an accommodation need to check the option for Disability Services Accommodation and/or Distraction-free Environment. After making the request, students will receive an email from the eLearning Exam proctor confirming the appointment date/time within 1 business day of the request. For more information including Testing Center policies, visit: Testing Center Policies 

Testing Center Hours: Testing Center Hours 

Students who plan to take exams in the Testing Center or with the Director of Disability Services need to remind instructors of the alternate testing arrangements for each exam.

Exam Accommodations through Disability Services 

  • If test accommodations, such as a reader or a scribe, are being made through the Disability Services office, the following should occur:
    • The student notifies Disability Services of the exam at least one week in advance.
    • DS arranges a room and proctor for the exam—all attempts will be made to schedule the time to overlap with the regular class time; if conflicts arise, the instructor will be contacted to reach a satisfactory resolution.
    • The exam is delivered to Disability Services by either the instructor, a designee of the instructor, or the proctor; in order to ensure academic integrity, students should not deliver their own tests.
    • Special instructions should be included in writing with the exam (e.g. open book test).
    • Exams being proctored by Disability Services will begin at the scheduled time. If the student is late, he or she will lose that portion of the scheduled exam time. If the exam starts late for reasons attributable to the College (e.g. room scheduling conflicts, exam not ready, proctor late), the scheduled ending time of the exam will be adjusted accordingly.
    • After the exam, the proctor will return the exam to the instructor.
  • Students who plan to take exams in the Testing Center or with the Director of Disability Services need to remind instructors of the alternate testing arrangements for each exam.
  • For students requesting extended time for Biology Lab exams, the Director of Disability Services will proctor the exams at a specific set time designated by the Biology Department. Science Lab exam times will be announced at the beginning of the semester.

Accommodations for Accuplacer Placement Assessments

Students needing accommodations for the Accuplacer Placement Exam administered by the College must contact Disability Services as described above and provide proper documentation before taking the test. Students should initiate this process as early as possible in order to be able to complete the placement test before they register for classes. Arrangements for accommodations will be made through the Disability Services office. To request an appointment to take the Accuplacer Placement Exam Request.

Accommodations for Licensing and Certification Exams

Students taking state or national licensing and/or certification exams must apply for accommodations through the organization that has authority over that exam. The Disability Services office can assist students in determining the application process, as can the academic program directors, and the Disability Services Director will provide the student with supporting documentation as needed, with a release of information. Students are strongly encouraged to initiate this process several months prior to the exam date in order to allow time for review and any follow-up needed. Please be aware that other testing agencies may require more extensive documentation, and you should check out their requirements well in advance.

Testing Center Exam Request

Testing Center

Student Test Request

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