Requesting Materials in an Alternate Format

Students whose disabilities interfere with their ability to read printed material should notify the DS office of their need for materials in an alternate format (e.g. Braille, large print, audio) as soon as possible in order to afford an adequate amount of time to obtain or produce them.

To receive course materials in an alternate format students must first be registered with the Disability Services and be approved for the use of this accommodation. During the intake meeting the Director of Disability Services will review the student's documentation of disability and verify a print disability and eligibility for this accommodation.  The Director and the student will discuss which alternative formats will provide the best access. Once the format has been determined, the student will receive training on how to use the technology. If the student needs text books in an alternate format, the student must provide a receipt and turn it in to the Disability Services office.

Producing materials in an alternate format can take up to 20-30 days from the date of request. Materials will be converted as quickly as possible. Disability Services will make every effort to provide the format the student prefers, however we cannot guarantee that the preferred format will be available. In this case, an effective alternative can be provided.

Eligible students requesting alternate format for course materials can be made through Disability Services.  Various formats can be made available. Some examples of alternative formats are:

  • Accessible PDF
  • Audio
  • Braille
  • HTML
  • Large Print
  • Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format

Please note that when purchasing your texts from the Book Store or from the publisher’s website, there may be electronic versions available in an accessible format. Please ask at the Book Store.

Students who are requesting audio or electronic texts need to provide the following information about the books needed to DS at least one month prior to the beginning of classes in order to have them ready by the time classes start.

  • Title
  • Author
  • Edition
  • ISBN
  • Date/Location of Purchase
  • Price Paid/Receipt of Purchase
  • Course Number and Section
  • Instructor

Publishers require students to purchase a hard copy of the text in order to obtain an alternate format text at no additional cost. Students should provide the DS Director with proof of purchase and, for students receiving electronic texts, a portable drive (flash drive, CD) on which the texts can be loaded.

Students who require their classroom material (syllabus, handouts) to be in Braille or large print should notify DS at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in order to have materials prepared for the first day of classes. During the semester, please allow two business days for turnaround of materials in electronic format and three business days for hard copies of materials. Students should work closely with their instructors to make sure the instructor gets materials to the DS office in a timely fashion.

Electronic text files are provided to eligible students with disabilities by publishers at no additional charge, provided the student is registered for the class, has purchased the text book and agrees to the following conditions:

  • Only texts that are central to the successful completion of the course are being requested.
  • The student must provide appropriate documentation of the disability that meets criteria for alternative format.
  • The student will submit an Alternative Text Request Form prior to the start of the semester. Requests are handled in which they are received. Delays in requesting alternative formatted texts may result in delays receiving them.
  • The student must submit a receipt of book purchases.
  • The student must abide by the Copyright Law of the United States of America, as well as to all applicable codes of conduct and regulations of this institution.
  • The electronic file may not be used, copied, reproduced, sold, transmitted published, broadcast, or otherwise disseminated or distributed for any other purpose or to any other individual.

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