How Do I Receive Accommodations for My Disability?

  1. Accommodation requests must be made in advance of the need (preferably at the beginning of each semester). Remember, services are not retroactive. Please schedule an appointment with the Director of Disability Services as soon as possible.

  2. It is the student’s responsibility to self-disclose a disability and need for academic accommodations. Students who are unable to register in person can request accommodations by contacting Disability Services before classes begin. The meeting with the Director can be conducted by phone. To initiate contact with Disability Services, please contact Disability Services in any of these ways to schedule a 1 hour appointment for an intake interview: 

    Contact Information:

    Call  (406) 771-4311 (voice, TDD, or Sorenson Video Relay: 406-205-1079)
    Stop by the Receptionist’s Desk on the 2nd level at the top of the ramp

  3. When coming to the scheduled appointment. Please submit supporting documentation from a qualified professional. The documentation must show the functional limitations that impact the individual in the academic setting and support the request for specific accommodations.

  4. During the initial intake appointment, the student will be interviewed by the Director of Disability Services. Students will need to describe how the disability affects him/her in and out of the academic setting, and the student will be asked about the functional limitations that impact the student. After reviewing the documentation, the Director of Disability Services and the student will discuss and determine appropriate accommodations. Remember, all accommodation requests must come through Disability Services.

  5. Students are responsible for making arrangements for accommodations as needed (for distance students and instructors, this may be done electronically).  Students are advised to schedule a time to meet with instructors during their office hours. Instructors should review the accommodation request forms with the student and discuss arrangements. If the instructor cannot provide the requested accommodation, alternate arrangements may be discussed with the instructor, student and the Disability Services Director. Although students are required to disclose the existence of a disability to their instructors in order to receive accommodations, they are not required to provide them with a diagnosis or any other details; students are encouraged to develop an open dialogue with instructors, but it is ultimately the student’s decision to disclose information; instructors are required to maintain the confidentiality of disability information except to the extent necessary to implement the accommodations. Students who are experiencing unresolved problems receiving appropriate accommodations should contact the Director of Disability Services.

  6. For students needing extended time for Biology Lab exams, the Director of Disability Services will proctor the exams at a specific set time designated by the Biology Department. Biology Lab exam times will be announced at the beginning of each semester.

  7. Each semester, students must schedule an appointment with the Director of Disability Services in order to continue services and address any unique circumstances for the upcoming semester.

Contact Information

Kathy Meier

Katherine Meier, M. Ed.
Director of Disability Services

Phone: (406) 771-4311
FAX: (406) 771-4342
Sorenson Video Relay: (406) 205-1079

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