As a way to recognize academic achievement, candidates for graduation with high academic honors are presented with double gold cords, and candidates for graduation with honors are presented with single gold cords. Candidates for graduation who are members of Phi Theta Kappa, the College’s honor society, are presented with identifying insignia indicating membership in Phi Theta Kappa.

Honors levels are based on all higher education work completed at the time the program was printed. This does not include work completed at the end of Spring Semester. If work completed at the end of Spring Semester changed any honors levels, every effort has been made to provide the proper cords, and the new honors levels will be read as the graduates are introduced.

The Red Cord Honors Program is designed to recognize students, faculty or staff who have donated blood at least three times during the school year through the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross then awards a red honor cord that they may wear during their commencement, with their school’s permission.

The candidates selected by their department faculty to lead department graduates in this ceremony are also indicated by stoles.

The list of graduates included on the commencement program is not intended to be used as an official indication of graduation and/or honors. The diploma of the college and the official transcript, signed and sealed by the proper officers, provide authentic testimony of the conferring of a degree and honors.