Great Falls College MSU agrees to provide Sign Language Interpreters for students, employees and visitors who request this accommodation with at least five working days’ notice for any campus activity (e.g. classes, tutoring sessions, advising sessions) or College-sponsored event. Attempts will be made to fill requests that are received less than five working days before the event or activity, but interpreter availability cannot be guaranteed within that timeframe.

Requests for interpreters should be directed to Disability Services and must include the following information:

  • Date(s) and time(s) interpreters are needed
  • Nature and purpose of event/activity (e.g. public forum for “X” issue(s); College seminar on “Y”)
  • Whether the request is for accommodation purposes or general public courtesy

Disability Services agrees to pay (or co-pay with Vocational Rehabilitation when possible) interpreting costs for currently enrolled students in all activities directly related to their educational pursuits (e.g. classes, tutoring sessions, meetings with instructors/advisors, clinicals). All other interpreting requests must be paid for by the department, program or entity making the request (e.g. For Associated Student Gov’t meetings where Deaf students are in attendance and provide adequate notice of their intent to attend, ASG must pay for the interpreter).

Cancellation of interpreter services must be made at least one working day in advance of the event/activity in order to avoid cancellation fees.

The College does not provide interpreters or captioning services for events that are not sponsored by the College. These activities may include:

  • Working with a private tutor
  • Non-campus sponsored events


Please contact Disability Services at 771-4311 Voice/TDD to make requests or if you have any questions regarding this policy.